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SEO Proposal

Prepared for
Mrs. Kai Stone


Tomer Aharon


I know the importance of SEO in your digital presence. Even if you have the most beautiful and professionally designed website, SEO missteps can keep clients away and leave you with no leads and no income.

That’s where I would like to reach out and offer our services. [Our Company] has reviewed your website, and I believe that I could significantly improve the health of your business and create a solid foundation in search engine optimization.

My goal will be to provide you with an initial SEO audit that will then guide other efforts to streamline your online presence. I will review your past performance, identify problem areas that need to be addressed, and identify the keywords that will bring in not just any audience, but the right audience.

Why Me

After a thorough review of your website, I believe that my services and your business would be a great fit. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. You need an experienced hand to do the best job possible. I have [x] years of experience, and have helped other companies just like yours improve their traffic by [x%]
  2. I have personally helped [x] clients rank for their chosen keywords on the first page of Google.
  3. Although keywords are important, I do not focus solely on keywords. I will do an initial audit, and a full technical audit, making sure that you not only have the right keywords in place, but that your site is optimized for search engine crawl, and will be easy for the search engines to find.
  4.  My top priorities are communication and time management. I will offer you full PDFs of audits and research materials every step of the way and will fulfill deadlines on time, every time.


Here is a full list of the services you and I have discussed. Each action will be accompanied by a PDF report with actions taken by the freelancer, and suggested actions for the future.

If there is anything you would like to add or have questions about, feel free to discuss this with me and we’ll make the appropriate changes.

Initial Audit and Review with PDF Report


Keyword Audit with PDF Report


Competitor Research and Benchmarking with PDF Report


On-Site Optimization

Off-Site & Backlinks










For the duration of this project, you and I will meet across different milestones of completion. If you don’t see a milestone here you would like to add, we can add further milestones at a later date.

First Meeting/Initial Review


Delivery of Keyword Audit, Competitor Research, and Technical Audit Reports

2 Weeks

Delivery of Social Media Review and Backlinks Audit Reports

Delivery of Full SEO Strategy Plan/Final Review


3 Weeks


What’s Next

I am thrilled to be working with you, and I can’t wait to get started. If you need to contact me for any final questions, please reach out at the contact information I’ve provided for you. I should be available from [x to x] Monday-Friday via cell phone, and 24 hours via e-mail. I will always respond within 24 hours.

Once you and I have reached an agreement on this document, we’ll schedule the initial meeting and review. Together, you and I will discuss the things your website has got right, and the quick fixes we can do to pick up your traffic in as little as a week. We’ll also discuss long-term strategy, and how SEO can support your future goals for your business.

As soon as the first payment is received, I’ll begin work on our SEO audit of your website. We’re looking forward to taking your website to the best level of quality it can be.


  1. I am committed to doing things the right way. I use only White Hat SEO techniques and encourage my clients to do the same.
  2. The payment structure: 50% upfront, 50% after project completion. Methods: PayPal, Bank Transfer.
  3. The client will provide access to any SEO evaluation completed or keywords used in the past, if available. This helps me to determine how to go forward.
  4. I will require FTP access to your website in order to complete the work. If you are not sure what your FTP login information is, please contact your internet hosting provider to receive it.
  5. I will only begin to count business days after the first payment has been received and all necessary information has been delivered to me.
  6. Any work requested outside of the scope of this agreement is subject to another complete evaluation and separate invoice.
  7. In the case of project cancellation, the client agrees to pay for work hours completed.
Tomer Aharon
Kai Stone
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