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School Event Proposal

Prepared for
Ms. Jamie Villareal


Tomer Aharon


As the student organization of (School Name), we’re proposing a school-wide sports event. (School Name) is known for having excellent academic integrity and practical teaching ethics that allow students to make the most out of their abilities during their student periods.

However, we believe (School Name) can benefit from physical activities that motivate students to improve their fitness through sports. Therefore, a school-wide sports event can be the best solution to get the students in (School Name) to get interested in some of these activities.

Our goal as (School Name)’s student organization is to assess the school’s educational goals and create an event that can help the directive achieve those goals and promote more benefits to the student population. We’re dedicated to make this event an exciting one, and we’re counting on your support.

Why This Event

Physical activity can promote several benefits for students within the school. Some of the most common uses of playing sports include:

  • Better concentration
  • Reduced levels of stress
  • Improved mental health
  • Preparation of leaders
  • Healthier development of children
  • Increased confidence

As you can see, all of these benefits can also help students improve their learning process at school. Physical exercise has always been an effective method to let go of stress and improve focus, learning, and concentration, which are needed for all school subjects.

Another vital benefit of sports events within the school is promoting better relationships and connections.

Sports have united people worldwide thanks to their shared passion. In essence, sports can also be an effective way to bring students together and form stronger bonds of friendship and teamwork

Our goal is to establish a small tournament for some of the most popular sports today (Soccer, Basketball, Kickball, and more).

We aim for variety since that will allow students to go for the sport that they consider most enjoyable for them.

Past Projects














Fees and Budget

 This isn’t the first event we’ve worked on. We believe in achieving a safe, educational, and supportive community of students within the school, which is why we’ve worked with many event types over the past few years.

Some of our past projects include the following:

  • School-Wide Talent Show: This project allowed everyone in the student community to show their exciting or interesting talent to everyone. We held a sign-up event for anyone who wanted to participate and then had the main event in the school’s auditorium. The event’s top talents got recognition from everyone in the school community, as well as a trophy.
  • “Save the Environment” Day: Here, students took the day to learn how they could help the environment with basic recycling techniques; this event benefited the school community gain conscience of the most common hazardous factors for the planet.
  • “Know Your Culture” Day: We encouraged all students to share a bit of their culture with the rest of the community. Considering the school has students from many different places, everyone could learn more about other countries.

Considering the size of the event, here’s the approximate budget we need to create the event:

Event Workers:


Student Uniforms:




General Supplies:


 General Sports Personnel:











We want this event to be as organized as possible, which is why we require you to keep track of the following milestones to assess the project’s progress.

If you need any additional milestones to review information about the event, let us know:

  • Event Needs/Services Overview: ASAP
  • Venues, Catering, and Sports Games Review: One month before the main event
  • Event Schedule Review: Two weeks before the main event 

Next Steps

Now that you know all the event details, it’s time to lay down what happens next.

Once all the terms on this document are approved and signed by the required school authorities, we’re going to get to work immediately and schedule the first meeting to negotiate the budget and other event details, such as catering, schedule, and more.

Keep in mind we’re available at any time to answer all your questions and clear up any confusing information.

We also want to know what you expect from this event, so feel free to talk to us to create the best possibility for students together.


  1. Any changes to the document must be signed on paper by all the parties involved.
  2. The event is subject to cancellation in case of Acts of God (such as floods, fires, or emergencies). If the event gets canceled, the school only has to pay for the hours spent on the occasion.
  3. Any requested work outside the scope of this agreement will require a fee reassessment. Additional work will be charged at a rate of $x per hour.
  4. The budget will be used for the sole purpose of paying for the items stated on this document.
Tomer Aharon
Jamie Villareal
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