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SaaS Sales Proposal

Prepared for
Mr. Daniel Smith


Tomer Aharon


Your business has the opportunity to reach so much more potential.

Here at [Company Name], we’ve been listening, and we understand that your company is currently struggling with [problem the SaaS solution will address 1] and [problem the SaaS solution will address 2]. Without a doubt, you’re a business that succeeds, but part of success is seeing problems and seeking solutions.

[Company Name] wants to help you address these problems by offering access to [name of SaaS solution]. [SaaS solution will [solve problem 1] and [solve problem 2]. Almost immediately, you’ll be able to see [positive result], [positive result], and [positive result].

Why Me

Company Name is the best in the business, but we want to share why we think we’re the best fit for you specifically.

  1. 1. Our team has developed their expertise over [x] years, with a specialty in [specific problem].
  2. 2. Our portfolio contains [x] number of examples of customers who have seen positive results from working with us. [Link to portfolio]. In addition, you can see positive reviews of [our software] [here], [here], and [here]. All of these customers had needs similar to yours.
  3. 3. We aim to excel. If you’re not happy after [x] amount of time, a full refund will be available to you.


Below is the list of services included with the project. See anything missing, or want to add something to the services list? Get in touch with us ASAP, and we’ll add it right away.










We like to keep you updated. After agreements are reached, we’ll schedule meetings to make sure the software is working for you. Below is the list of milestones that we keep for standard use, though if you’d like to make changes or add milestones, please contact us.

Initial Meeting/Access/Implementation



One Week

Satisfaction Check-In

Six Weeks

Next Steps

Let’s talk about next steps. Since we’ve agreed on the project, the first thing you need is how to get in contact with us! So if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to [phone number] or [email address]. If we can’t answer right away, rest assured that we’ll get back to you within one business day.

When this agreement is completed and signed, our first order of business will be to schedule a time to sit down together and talk. We’ll discuss the problems you’ve been having, any needs you may have, and how [SaaS Solution] can help meet your needs.

Work begins as soon as the first payment is cleared. We can’t wait to get started!


  1. Payment structure will be via credit card or PayPal. Monthly subscription based, no strings attached.
  2. Any information received by the client will be subject to a confidentiality agreement.
  3. All original documents obtained from the client will remain the sole property of the client. All documents obtained by the client from [Our Company] will remain the property of [Our Company.]
  4. The software license for [SaaS Solution] will terminate when the agreement terminates.
  5. [Our Company] retains all intellectual property rights to the software we provide.
  6. [Our Company] will provide training in the use of the software, and IT support for the product for [x] months.
  7. Any work requested outside of or resulting from this project will be subject to a separate evaluation, analysis, and invoicing.
  8. In the case of project cancellation, the client agrees to pay for all work hours already completed.
Tomer Aharon
Daniel Smith
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Customize & send it online:

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