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Digital Marketing Proposal

Prepared for
Mrs. Emmy Wallace


Tomer Aharon


Marketing can make or break your business, and when you’re choosing a marketer, you’re choosing the future of your business. It’s important that the person handling your digital marketing knows what they’re doing.

I’ve done my research, and taken an in-depth look at your website. I believe that your business and my digital marketing services are the perfect fit, and am reaching out to let you know what I’ve found. Over the course of my research, I’ve found that your business matches the profile of over [x%] my customers, and I would like to help you in the same way I’ve helped them.

The goal of my work will be to promote your business to the most appropriate digital marketing channels using an expert strategy, utilizing stellar visual ads and impactful copy to get your business in front of the eyes of the people who need it.

Why Us

We know how important digital marketing is to a company. That’s why I’ve made sure that we’re a perfect fit for you.

  1. It’s all about the numbers. I have [x number] active clients, and [x] of them have businesses similar to yours. I am familiar with your niche and know the steps to take to create a successful approach because I’ve worked with clients like you before.
  2. Research is our top priority. I don’t just throw ads at any avenue possible or bloat your social media feeds. I research the best avenues for you and the best strategy that will benefit your business.
  3. My company policy is, above all, about service. That means I work hard to make sure you get the most benefit out of your money.
  4. I understand the principles of modern marketing. In this day and age, marketing isn’t just about slapping copy on an ad and making sure people see it. It’s about delicately and deliberately forming a relationship with a specific client base, so you can provide an answer to a problem that only you have.


Here’s a breakdown of the services we’ve discussed and their cost.

Marketing Analysis and Strategy – PDF Form


[x] Number Of Social Media Posts with [x] Boosted or Promoted Posts


Google Ad Campaign Running [x] Weeks Focusing on [x] Keywords

Retargeting Campaign Running [x] Weeks

[x] Pieces of Video Content Including [x] Boosted or Promoted Videos







Here is a list of milestones that you and I will meet. If you need to add extra milestones to this list, please get in contact with me to amend the agreement.

First Meeting


Delivery of Marketing Analysis and Strategy PDF

1 Month

Delivery of Ad Content/Schedule
For Content Delivery

Schedule for Content Delivery

6 Weeks

2 Months

What’s Next

You’re my client, and that means your success is my first priority. I want to make this as painless a process as possible for you. If you have any questions feel free to contact me, either via cell phone during the hours of [x to y] or by e-mail at any time.

After we’ve agreed on this document, you and I will schedule our first meeting. We’ll discuss your business, your advertisement needs, your efforts in the past, and anything else you feel is relevant to the campaign. If you have ideas, our initial meeting is the time to share them!

As soon as the first payment goes through, we will begin work on our sponsored content with you. We are excited to share your brand with our audience!


  1. You agree to ensure that the information we receive from you about your business is 100% accurate and correct.
  2. The payment structure: 50% upfront, 50% after project completion. Methods include PayPal and Bank Transfer.
  3. The client will provide, including any marketing materials, logos, or other branding elements they feel we might need to complete the work. We do not offer design services, and we cannot provide these for you.
  4. The business day count will begin after all the required materials have been received.
  5. Any extra work requested outside of the scope of this agreement will be subject to a new evaluation and a new invoice.
  6. In the case of project cancellation, the client will pay for all work hours that have already been completed.
Tomer Aharon
Emmy Wallace
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