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Budget Proposal

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Mr. Sam Daniel


Gal Dubinski


The budget is the backbone of your [business/project].

At its core, plans live or die by the budget. A budget is the thing that keeps you from overspending and getting yourself in trouble, and keeps your eye on the things that you can accomplish.  That’s why [My Company] wants to work with you to develop a budget solution that is practical and easy for you to implement.

My goal will be to provide you with a budget that are personalized to your [business/project]’s needs. We’ll sit down together and discuss what you need, how much money you have, and what the best uses are for your money, so you are set up for success in the years to come.

Why Me

I can provide you the best budget possible, and I want to talk to you about why.

  1. I have experience with [businesses/projects] like yours and have helped a number of other people create budgets to suit their needs. Want to hear from some happy customers? Click here. [link to portfolio]
  2. With my background in money-management, I can provide a detailed budget tailored to you, with your goals in mind – not just a generic template.
  3. Our first goal is your satisfaction. If you aren’t satisfied with the first draft, we’ll work until we have a budget that works for your business.


Here is a full list of the deliverables involved with budget development:

Initial Financial Assessment


Expenses Review/Goal Sheet


Final Budget





While you and I are developing your budget together, we will be meeting along the way for several milestones to discuss progress. Here are a list of the milestones involved; if you see something missing and would like to add it, please contact me ASAP.

Initial Financial Assessment


Delivery of Expenses Review/Goal Sheet


Delivery of Final Budget


What’s Next

We’ve agreed to the project, great! Wondering what comes next? First off, please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. My email address is [email] and I can be contacted there at any time of day, or you could call [phone number] and reach me between the hours of [x] and [x]. I will always respond within 24 hours.
After you approve this document, we’ll schedule our financial assessment with you. During this assessment, we’ll discuss your income, your expenses, and where you want to go in the future. Using this information, we’ll develop your in-detail budget and help bring you the best product possible.
As soon as the first payment is complete, we’ll start developing your budget, and get you on your way to financial success!


  1. The payment structure: 50% upfront, 50% after project completion. The methods are PayPal, Bank Transfer, and Credit Card.  
  2. The client will submit full financial records and acknowledges all information submitted is true and correct.
  3. Any information received from the client will be subject to a confidentiality agreement from [My Business].  
  4. Any documents submitted to [My Business] remain the property of the client. Any documents provided to the client by [My Company] remain the property of [My Company].  
  5. If any work is requested outside the scope of this document, it will be subject to an entirely new needs evaluation and separate invoicing.
  6. Work hours begin counting the first business day after payment is recieved.  
  7. In the case of project cancellation by the client, the client agrees to pay [My Business] for all work hours already completed.
Gal Dubinski
Sam Daniel
Customize & send it online:
Customize & send it online:

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