Being the largest network of working professionals, LinkedIn offers many cool advantages to help your business grow. One such advanced feature is its ability to tell you where exactly you stand in the LinkedIn profile ranking.  

Better known as the LinkedIn SSI, or Social Selling Index, it is a unique LinkedIn tool that rates your social selling skills on the scale of 0-100. 

Social selling is the process of building and developing relationships, and is an integral part of the sales process in the modern digital market. Although it usually revolves around branding, content posting, interacting, and social listening, LinkedIn uses four specific factors to rate your profile, which they generally refer to as the four pillars of social selling on LinkedIn. These are-

  1. Establish your professional brand by completing your profile.
  2. Find the right people using advanced search features and tools.
  3. Engage with insights by posting relevant content as well as engaging other people’s posts.
  4. Build relationships with senior leaders and decision-makers.

Each factor can earn you the maximum of 25 points, making it 100 if you nail them all. A higher score on LinkedIn Social Selling Index would not only be good for your business but could also help you become a thought-leader in your area of expertise. 

So keeping these 4 metrics in mind, I have listed out top 10 favorable hacks below that you can use to increase your LinkedIn SSI score and get the best out of it:

1. Complete your profile

Complete your profile to 100% by filling up all the details. Start by adding a professional profile picture, job title, a brief summary, headline, and experience. Mention your education, skills, recommendations from clients, work examples, and anything else that can boost your professional brand.

2. Showcase your past experience and value

While bragging and boasting aren’t always a good idea, showcasing your past work experience in the featured section of your profile gives a fair idea of your abilities to the audience. It’s a simple but useful approach to establishing your brand in the market and drawing organic leads naturally.

3. Publish content and engage with insights

LinkedIn wants you to post relevant and valuable content with your followers since most LinkedIn users are serious work-oriented people. As such there’s no room for meaningless stories that cannot draw people’s attention. 

Along with your company’s content, you can also share anything of value from other companies and third parties, because at the end of it all, it’s all about providing the most useful and relevant information that people are looking for.

Aside from posting regular content, you should also engage with others’ posts as part of your social listening so as to get better insights into market trends and demands.

4. Search smartly 

Like other major platforms, LinkedIn also gives you an easy way of searching for new audiences and prospects. You can also filter search and advance search using keywords and Boolean operators to make sure that you get the most accurate results. 

The point is to look for people who are most likely to benefit from what you have to offer! And this brings us to our next measure i.e. finding and connecting with the right people. 

5. Find and connect with the right people

LinkedIn gives you many ways to look for the right audience. Apart from advanced search and filter options, you can also search for interested parties and profiles within your connections i.e your 2nd level and 3rd level connections.

You should also review your profile visitors to find potential prospects and buyers.  Improve your LinkedIn outreach strategy with designed proposals. Learn more here. 

6. Join LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn groups are online communities of like-minded people who share a common interest or goal. By joining groups pertaining to your area of expertise, you can grow your network as well as learn, inform, and solve each other’s problems. 

7. Build relations and expand your network

Remember LinkedIn is a place to grow your professional network. So connecting and communicating must never stop! 

You should always look for new connections but also strengthen your relations with the existing ones.

There are many tools that you can use to automate as many accounts as you like from one place. Linvo is one such exceptional LinkedIn tool that you can use to automate many key functions and features. 

8. Use Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a sales tool that you can use to find the right prospects and build relationships. It has many useful features that can take your search game to a whole new level.

For instance, the Lead Builder function of LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to filter the search with such precision that not only can you locate the prospects but also save them under different accounts based on their level of interest in your products and services. 

Although it’s a paid service, if you go for it, make sure to use as many of its features as possible.

9. Solve/ Inform

Nurturing your connections is pretty important to build your brand’s authority in the market. And the only way to do so is by being a problem-solver for your audience. 

So don’t just sit idle on LinkedIn, but take initiative to interact and engage with your connections and groups on a regular basis. Show them that you care, and they’ll do the same for you. 

10. Establish trust with industry veterans

Getting recognized by senior-level professionals, industry experts, and decision-makers is always a win-win for new businesses and start-ups. There are many perks to it. For instance, learning, getting recommendations, and admiration from those who basically run the industry. 

So don’t shy away from approaching and connecting with important individuals from your area of expertise. 


While there are many other ways to increase the LinkedIn SSI Score, they all aim at meeting the four pillars of social selling.

So just focus on them, and you’d be able to work your way up the LinkedIn profile ranking ladder in no time.