Christmas is always a profitable season for businesses of all kinds. People are more eager to buy things during this holiday, so businesses need to properly prepare a Christmas marketing proposal to increase their sales and productivity. 

There are many ways to achieve this goal. Yet, not many companies put an effort into developing high-quality Christmas campaigns. Because of that, they get outsold by their competitors. We want you to do your best during this holiday. Keep reading this page to learn how to prepare a Christmas marketing proposal! 

#1 Timeline 

Even though this is a page about Christmas campaigns, it’s essential to prepare marketing proposals for all the holidays related to it. Ask your marketing team to plan a timeline.

You can start offering some deals and promotions starting with Black Friday, following up to Cyber Monday, and finishing up with New Year’s Eve. That helps you attract more customers to your company. 

The reason for that is that most people start making Christmas decorations in November. Because of that, they start buying everything they need before December. That means November and December are months in which you can significantly increase your sales. Focusing only on Christmas makes you lose profitable opportunities with other holidays. 

Customers love promotions, discounts, and holiday deals in general. If you make deals for them in November, they may catch interest in your products. Making clients look forward to buying your next promotions is the best thing you can do for your business. 

Gather a list of the most important holidays and make a marketing strategy that involves them.

#2 Review your past Christmas campaign performances 

If something didn’t work out last year, doing it again is just wasting your time. However, if something you did to increase your sales helped you in the past, you should repeat the same formula. To do that, you need to do a deep study of what your past Christmas marketing proposals were. 

Doing that takes some time. You should start doing it a few months before Christmas. That way, you can prepare a decent Christmas campaign. Check stats and pay attention to the numbers. If your business’s performance was good, you may not need to change many things. 

There’s always something to improve, though. Even if you had a profitable campaign last year, looking for better Christmas deals can help you get even more benefits from this holiday. You need a marketing team that is dedicated to its job, though. 

Don’t hesitate to hire the best people you can find to do this marketing analysis!

#3 Create updated analytics of consumer behavior and trends

The reason Christmas campaigns are always different from each other is there are new market trends each year. Customers like other things and adopt a different behavior towards holidays. Understanding that change is the key to making an excellent marketing campaign. 

While studying your previous marketing strategies, you can also investigate what the market trends are this year. That includes what people tend to like, what they buy, which campaigns have been popular worldwide, and any popular event that happened recently you can use to make custom advertisements. There are endless possibilities.

You should update the analytics of consumer behavior and trends periodically. Everything depends on how your company works. Yet, doing it for every important holiday is not a bad idea. That way, you can keep an updated record of what you can do to get to your clients in an easier way.

#4 Write down your Christmas campaign message and theme 

Every Christmas campaign needs a theme or message. Most companies tend to just use Christmas decorations, but that’s not enough if you want to see a significant change in your sales and productivity. Analyze what characterizes your company and what you want to show to your customer. 

Merge those two, and you may have the perfect Christmas marketing theme for your business. After having your theme and message, you can design all advertisements to follow that line. That makes your Christmas deals different from your competitors. 

It’s better to sell an experience than to sell a product. By saying that, we mean that you should show your clients that using your items or hiring your services can make their Christmas experience memorable. 

#5 List down the channels that you’ll use 

Communication channels allow you to deliver information about your business to customers worldwide. Announcing Christmas deals is not the same on Instagram as it is on Facebook. Because of that, big and successful companies hire people to do that job for them. Not everyone knows how to do that, though. 

Many people think it’s easy to list down the best channels to use at Christmas for your business. It’s not. Not all channels work well with every business strategy. Find what works best for your business and apply it in the best way you can! 

#6 Strategize what you’ll put in your business proposals 

The content of your business proposals is what drives clients to check out your products and buy them. You can’t promote a Christmas deal if you don’t know what you want to offer. Whether you use a proposal template or create one from scratch, try to see what you can give to your customers and make a Christmas campaign that focuses on that. 

Strategize what you want in your business proposals. Take advantage of your deals and show them to everyone. That includes personalization of your campaigns and website optimization to improve your website’s design.  

#7 Create enticing offers 

Christmas marketing proposals, or marketing proposals in general, are made to lead people to buy your products. If they do, you prepared a decent strategy. Yet, if people don’t purchase your products even after seeing your Christmas proposals, you may need to change something about it. Try to start with what you have to offer. 

Companies offering similar products and services from you may have the same ideas. That’s the reason you need to think of an innovative offer that stands out from the rest. Customers fall in love with Christmas deals and promotions, so having the best ones on the market significantly increases your sales. 

We understand that making promotions can be a bet. If people buy it, you can win tons of money and receive your investment. That doesn’t always go that way, though. People make mistakes when making their Christmas marketing proposals. Because of that, most people hire experts to do everything for them. 

#8 Invest in PPC and add personalization to your ads

Paying to improve your add personalization is a profitable investment in the long run. Put some money into PPC and see how your ads increase their visibility like they never did before. That’s because offers can’t make it to the top of tier lists by themselves. Advertisements play a fundamental part in making you more popular among your public. 


Many websites and pages offer services that include website optimization and app creation. Investing in them is not a bad idea. Try the one you like better, and see if they can help you. 

#9 Plan your automation process 

Things are different from what they were years ago. That made marketing campaigns change a lot. An example of that is that businesses used to show their offers by sending you letters or door dashing. However, now that more technology developments aim to help you automate all the processes, you need to take advantage of that. 

Check how your automated emails work and all the tools that include automated advertisements. If they are outdated, make sure to update them. Not doing that can make you stay behind other companies that started planning their automation process years ago. 

Use websites that offer full website optimization and automation to you. 

As an example, you can plan on using a popup builder and integrate your pop ups to your email marketing database so you get good list-building automation.

#10 Prepare a plan B if crisis strikes

Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned. Many things can happen in the marketing process. Yet, you can’t let those problems affect your campaign, let alone stop it. Having a plan B in case a crisis strikes is fundamental to keep your sales going even if something happens.

Having many marketing options helps you feel freer and more resourceful when applying your marketing strategies. Apart from that, some cases even allow you to apply both marketing campaigns, so don’t hesitate to make as many backup plans as you can. Doing that can save you from an emergency. 


Holidays are joyful days when you can take a break from your everyday life and enjoy other things. However, if you are a company that sells products or offers services, taking that break may not be the best option for you. Use that time to make new deals that can get you more clients!

That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the holidays. It means you should make what you can to create an appealing Christmas marketing proposal. That makes you significantly increase your sales. Follow the tips given on this page to find success in your Christmas campaign!

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